Management system for property keys

Allowing real estate agents to maintain control of property keys
Via automated tracking and notifications


Each set of property keys is allocated a Key Number which is visible in your office key cabinet. To obtain the Key Number for a property, the user must login to and locate the property. To view the Key Number for that property, the user must log the keys out. Once the user has the Key Number they can use this to locate the keys in the key cabinet.


When a user logs keys out, the software captures the date and time. The user is also required to enter the time they will return the keys. If the keys are not returned on time, the user will receive an automated email and sms advising the keys are overdue. These automated notifications are sent daily at 7pm and will continue until the keys are logged back into the system.


Principals can login to the system and view exactly what keys are logged out, by who and when they're expected back. Instant and 24/7 property key audits can be performed with a full history for every set of keys and system users. Via as a Principal you're assured 100% accountability of your property keys.


  • KeyLedger is the best product for managing property keys with an office. Nothing else even comes close.

    Luke Bowden

    Property Manager, Ray White Nowra

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What is is web based software that allows full control of the keys within your real estate office. The innovative system has conditions in place that prevents users from obtaining keys unless the user has logged the keys out. The system then highlights exactly which keys are out and will send automated email and sms reminders to users who have overdue keys.

There is only limited software available in the real estate industry that caters for key management system. What is available, is quite cumbersome, clunky and involves barcode scanners or costly key cabinets. These solutions often include expensive setup fees and involve in-depth training for your office staff. does away with this complexity. The system provides a simple yet effective solution with no setup fees, training or hardware technology needed.

  1. No Hardware Purchase Expense (Scanner)
  2. No Barcode Keytag Expense
  3. No Setup Fees
  4. No Training Required
  5. No Key Cabinet Cost
  6. No limit on which users use the system
  7. No more key log books
  8. No more manual following up on outstanding keys
  9. No more lost keys

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