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Completed Tasks from 21-27 August 2014

Key user and admin can now edit keys, drop down keys for Primary Agent/Property Manager has been added and Owner’s name, email and telephone number has been removed. Unwanted user ID’s has been removed. Log out keys page has been changed. Created Logo in System that is linked to homepage website. Auto Suggest numbers has been updated. Favicon System has been updated. Broken Image from the Calendar has been fixed. Add button under the edit user page has been removed. Updated office name as system admin. Responsive issues has been fixed. Key numbers that can’t be imported has been fixed. Branding has been adjusted and updated. Users without an ID or has a duplicate ID from other users will now be provided a random ID.  

Property Register for Keys

KeyLedger offers an online property register for keys in a real estate or property management office. This property register for keys will replace the physical property register key book that is  commonly used in most real estate businesses. The key benefits from using the KeyLedger property register for keys are: No key can be taken from the key cabinet unless the keys have been logged out in the property register for keys.  This is because to obtain the key number the user must first search for the property in the online register. The property register allows for an instant keys audit to be performed. When you first login to the system you can see which keys are logged out, when they were taken, which user from the office took them and when they are scheduled back. This is a true property register for keys as everything is tracked and a complete… Read more >

Real estate key register provides the first commercial web based real estate key register system. Our innovative real estate key register system is based around the idea of a unique key number for all property keys within your real estate office. Unlike your typical manual key register or key book system, has removed the flaws with these systems. The main problem with a manual system is you can just look up the key number in your property management CRM and take the keys without registering anything. This means your system can not maintain its 100% accountability. With the real estate key register, the key number for each key is only registered in our system. This means to obtain this number and locate the keys for a property you have to look it up in the software. Each time a user views the key number they have to log the keys out against… Read more >

Real Estate Key Tracking Software is the industry leader in real estate key tracking software designed to manage keys within a real estate office. Without an organised and automated key tracking system the keys with a real estate office are likely to be misplaced over time. The key tracking system provided by guarantees that keys are always accounted for within your real estate office. The reason being is that keys can’t be located within the key cabinet unless the user has located the keys within the system and logged the keys out. Having to log the keys out, guarantees the key tracking software has full control over all keys within your real estate business. Innovative key tracking software for real estate and property managers The key tracking segment within the real estate technology industry has been neglected and poorly catered to date. This is what led to releasing a simple yet… Read more >

Property keys software is property keys software designed to allow the efficient management of property keys within a real estate or property management business. The management of property keys is a very important task within a real estate office and its success is derived from a strong property keys software. Losing property keys is a massive problem resulting in embarrassment when you’re required to contact the property owner and explain what has happened. Wouldn’t it be great to have an efficient method for managing all the sets of keys that you are responsible for? Imagine having a system that could free you from the frustrating and time-consuming search for keys. You can throw your key book in the bin and use our property keys software to safeguard the keys to your listings. Property keys software is an instant reliable and secure key management system. It provides the most efficient way to record… Read more >

Real Estate Key Systems

There isn’t currently too much choice available to agents and property managers when it comes to real estate key systems. The products that are available, are very clunky and often time consuming for users. These key systems haven’t been designed with usability in mind and often result in a process that is far from efficient. At we recognised the process and workflow for existing real estate key systems was inefficient and designed a system that is more effective. There is no need for users to use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode for each set of keys. The system simply requires them to locate the keys in the key system and then press a button to log them out. With the real estate key systems, agents and property managers also are not required to purchase a secure key cabinet. The reason is that without a user… Read more >

key log System

There are some other companies that offer key log services such as but their solution is different to If you are after a key log system to manage your keys then has a streamlined and perfect solution for you. Our innovative solution does not require barcodes or barcode scanners, nor is there expensive setup and training fees. We have a simple yet effective process for users to log keys out of your system. There is also automated sms and email notifications that are sent to any users who do not return the keys at the time they indicated they will. The system also includes stats around which keys are currently out of the office and by which users and when they are due back into the office. The key log system will also highlight keys that are overdue so you can understand exactly the status of your… Read more >

Key Management Software

If you’re sick of the existing key management software in the real estate industry then Key Ledger has the answer. Unlike other key management software, Key Ledger does not have expensive key cabinets, clunky barcode scanners or annoying key rings. The unique key management software provides a streamlined process to allow real estate agents to easily log, track and control the keys in their business. This software is extremely innovative and not available anywhere else in the market. The system is 100% web based meaning anyone with an internet connection can login with their assigned username and password. Once logged in they can then locate keys and log these out of the system. Once keys are logged out by a user, the system will track the keys and monitor when they are scheduled to be returned to the office. The software is very easy to use and requires no training… Read more >

Real Estate Key Management System

KeyLedger is a real estate key management system designed to help agents manage the keys that belong to properties they are selling and leasing. The system is streamlined and allows users within a real estate office to quickly locate and log keys out. It then allows keys to be easily logged back into the system. There is automated key tracking for keys that have not been returned by their due date. For keys that have not been returned on time, an automated daily sms and email will be sent to the user who logged the key from the system. These automated notifications, will continue to be sent out from the key management system on a daily basis, until the user returns the keys. The real estate key management system can be used for all stakeholders within your real estate business. These include contractors, perspective tenants, staff and other suppliers who… Read more >