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Completed tasks from 19-25 Oct. 2014

SMS limit has been placed with a maximum of 10 sms each month. An email notification has been set to be sent if clients had reached the maximum free sms to give them an option to purchase sms for 10 cents each in batches of 50,200 or 500. Sending properties via API to keyledger. Added an office ID in the Notifications of Keyledger to allow us to match listings to office/accounts. An option to set the timezone has been added which is set by default according to the country that was selected. A country drop-down has been added in the sign up form. Default country is Australia. Alerts has been set to sent twice per day at 7pm and 8pm. SMS tracker has been set to track the number of sms sent per client which shows the time and date the sms was sent this is not be displayed in… Read more >

Completed tasks from 12-18 Oct. 2014

A script that allows the pop-up icon to appear on iPhone and Android devices was added. Edited and completed Ending trial email template. Had made some changes to allow CSV import even though went Headers missing. Fixed datas that got lost each time validation stopped saving. Added an option called “Delete” at the Edit User and Edit keys to do a soft delete in the database. Testimonial section has been added on the homepage. Fixed system optimization in mobile, tablet and browser. Limits in keys per office has been disabled, Trial complete notification has been set to be sent to clients who had reached 28 days free trial. Created an option to Office admins to customize the content of their email and sms. Set a maximum number of SMS to be sent and SMS characters for sms container. Login message has been changed for users who logged in for the… Read more >

Completed tasks from 21-27 Sept. 2014

Exit mail has been created to be sent 3 days after the 28 days trial period with a headline of “Why wasn’t KeyLedger right for you?” Work Survey has been linked to Option has been added under Notifications called “Send a daily email to Office Admins if keys are overdue” The option that was added is checked by default which will send a daily email to office admins each times keys are overdue Email content that was sent daily to office admins has been created.

Completed tasks from 15-18 Sept. 2014

Re-arranged the order of drop-downs in add user. Added an ability for normal users to add keys. Removed the status field to make the user that was just added to stay as active. Added a checkbox above the invite message field. Created a function for the cron and set it to run daily at 11am. Email template “Getting started with keyledger” was created. Added a company name after the user’s name when logging keys out, Edited data field to be more wider and had changed the Company name’s style to be italics. Added a company column after the name at the and displaying the company.

Completed tasks from 8-12 September 2014

Added a column called “Key Number” and the key number for logged out keys are now displaying. Minutes were removed from time out and expected in. Changed the Orange icon of the homepage to brown. Added “Key search” with addtl. options such as “Address, Owner, Primary Agent/PM, and search” at the key page. Had set to filter the results from the search criteria. Fixed the PHP error upon clicking the option in predictive search. Fixed the CSV import for no unit number entered. Edited the Email validation message to “This email is already registered, please choose another one.” Fixed the broken styling at the promo site. Fixed the top section of the homepage and the green bar. Changed the background image by using an image of a key. Created a new design for the keyledger email and html. Created 2 types of welcome messages for office admins and agents/other users.

Completed Tasks from 1 – 6 September 2014

Changed and updated the key number and headings. Updated columns in the table header and added a thin line. Added an option to log keys out in the keys tab Changed the default order to be the last entry that appears at the top. Added CSV file type for import keys and the styles has been fixed. Added “Company Name” and “Add Option” at the dropdown  option and adjusted the CSV file and script. Changed the Number assigned to Key number, Added options in settings, and Changed the landing page. Updated Start and finish used, fixed the pop up styling and color, Updated the Page layout, and fixed the Key Number History link page.

Completed Tasks from 21-27 August 2014

Key user and admin can now edit keys, drop down keys for Primary Agent/Property Manager has been added and Owner’s name, email and telephone number has been removed. Unwanted user ID’s has been removed. Log out keys page has been changed. Created Logo in System that is linked to homepage website. Auto Suggest numbers has been updated. Favicon System has been updated. Broken Image from the Calendar has been fixed. Add button under the edit user page has been removed. Updated office name as system admin. Responsive issues has been fixed. Key numbers that can’t be imported has been fixed. Branding has been adjusted and updated. Users without an ID or has a duplicate ID from other users will now be provided a random ID.