Feature Tour

Easily maintain control of property keys within your real estate office.

The Dashboard

The landing page highlights what keys are currently logged out by which user and when they will be returned. Overdue keys are also visible. You can quickly search for keys and log them out by entered a return date and time. There’s also the option to log keys out on behalf of another user e.g. a Plumber.


This page shows all Active and Inactive keys. You can quickly add keys via entering a property address and assigning a Key Number. The system will track what Key Numbers are available and will automatically select a Key Number when adding new keys.

You can add important Notes around a property and keys e.g. which windows to open. The History for a set of keys can easily be viewed showing when and who logged the Keys. This page also allows users to Edit keys and log them out.

There is a CSV import feature that allows you to import an unlimited number of keys via a file. We have our own format and accept exported formats from Console and REST.


Users can be added and edited in this page and assigned an access level. There are 2 access levels, being Office Admin and Staff/Suppliers. You can choose whether Suppliers have access to the system to log keys out, alternatively Staff can log keys out on behalf of suppliers. You can select the Type of user e.g. Plumber and also the company they belong to. Email is compulsory for all users and we encourage mobile to be added. This allows the system to send automated alerts for overdue keys.

There is the option to view the History for each user, outlining what keys were logged out and when they were returned. You can easily import bulk users via CSV file.


This section is only accessible by Office Admins. It allows them to control the office and billing details, along with the Notification settings for their account. These include whether overdue sms and email alerts are sent and what the format of the exact message is.
Office Admins can manage Key Numbers within this section and view what Keys Numbers are assigned against which keys.

Multi Device

KeyLedger can be used across multiple devices including Desktop computers, Tablets and Mobiles via the web. Each Monday morning, an email is sent to all Office Admins with a list of Active keys and associated Key Numbers for all their keys. This list provides a backup option in the event the office loses internet connection.