Key Management Software

If you’re sick of the existing key management software in the real estate industry then Key Ledger has the answer. Unlike other key management software, Key Ledger does not have expensive key cabinets, clunky barcode scanners or annoying key rings.

The unique key management software provides a streamlined process to allow real estate agents to easily log, track and control the keys in their business. This software is extremely innovative and not available anywhere else in the market. The system is 100% web based meaning anyone with an internet connection can login with their assigned username and password. Once logged in they can then locate keys and log these out of the system.

Once keys are logged out by a user, the system will track the keys and monitor when they are scheduled to be returned to the office. The software is very easy to use and requires no training or instructions making key management an easy yet effective process.

The key management software will significantly improve key management within your real estate office.

You can easily add keys and users to the key management system. You can manually enter these into the system. Alternatively, if you have a large number then you can load these via a csv file into the key management software and they will pre-populate your account.

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