key log System

There are some other companies that offer key log services such as but their solution is different to If you are after a key log system to manage your keys then has a streamlined and perfect solution for you.

Our innovative solution does not require barcodes or barcode scanners, nor is there expensive setup and training fees. We have a simple yet effective process for users to log keys out of your system. There is also automated sms and email notifications that are sent to any users who do not return the keys at the time they indicated they will.

The system also includes stats around which keys are currently out of the office and by which users and when they are due back into the office. The key log system will also highlight keys that are overdue so you can understand exactly the status of your keys.

The most effective key log system

The key log system we offer is a lot different to companies like and provides a key log system that Logs, Captures and Tracks keys within your office. The system have been designed by a real estate technology company Agentpoint. They have been specialising in building software for the real estate since 2001. So you can be guaranteed the key log System is very efficient and excellent at managing keys.

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