Property Register for Keys

KeyLedger offers an online property register for keys in a real estate or property management office. This property register for keys will replace the physical property register key book that is  commonly used in most real estate businesses. The key benefits from using the KeyLedger property register for keys are:

  • No key can be taken from the key cabinet unless the keys have been logged out in the property register for keys.  This is because to obtain the key number the user must first search for the property in the online register.
  • The property register allows for an instant keys audit to be performed. When you first login to the system you can see which keys are logged out, when they were taken, which user from the office took them and when they are scheduled back. This is a true property register for keys as everything is tracked and a complete history appears for each user and set of keys.
  • The property register for keys will send automated email and sms alerts daily to any users who have overdue keys. This means you’ll never need to manually track down who has taken keys, nor send reminder emails or telephone calls.

Online property register for keys

The historic property register for keys property book is now outdated and a thing of the past. Modern real estate agents and property managers looking to streamline their business practice are using KeyLedger. Make sure you’re not left behind and that you embrace new technology as it comes onto the market. A property register for keys can now be managed efficiently through the Keyledger software.

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