Real Estate Key Management System

KeyLedger is a real estate key management system designed to help agents manage the keys that belong to properties they are selling and leasing. The system is streamlined and allows users within a real estate office to quickly locate and log keys out. It then allows keys to be easily logged back into the system.

There is automated key tracking for keys that have not been returned by their due date. For keys that have not been returned on time, an automated daily sms and email will be sent to the user who logged the key from the system. These automated notifications, will continue to be sent out from the key management system on a daily basis, until the user returns the keys.

The real estate key management system can be used for all stakeholders within your real estate business. These include contractors, perspective tenants, staff and other suppliers who require access to the properties you are selling or managing. You can easily add users to the key management system or revoke their access if needed. There is also a facility to bulk upload users via a csv file which will save you time when configuring your real estate key management account.

Revolution in real estate key management system

This is the first key management systems that is streamlined and easy to use. It is having a huge impact on the industry as real estate agents and property managers continue to subscribe to this key management system.

You can read more about what it is here.

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