Real estate key register provides the first commercial web based real estate key register system. Our innovative real estate key register system is based around the idea of a unique key number for all property keys within your real estate office.

Unlike your typical manual key register or key book system, has removed the flaws with these systems. The main problem with a manual system is you can just look up the key number in your property management CRM and take the keys without registering anything. This means your system can not maintain its 100% accountability.

With the real estate key register, the key number for each key is only registered in our system. This means to obtain this number and locate the keys for a property you have to look it up in the software. Each time a user views the key number they have to log the keys out against their name in the system. Keys can also be booked out on behalf of tradesman by using the user’s unique code. If the keys are not returned by 5pm on the due date, then at 7am the next morning an automated email and sms is sent to user reminder them the keys are overdue and that they need to be returned. This will happen daily until the user returns the keys back into the system.

The most intuitive real estate key register system

The system is the first web based real estate key register software. Previous to this software, there was only the traditional manual process which utilised a key register via a keybook. The manual real estate key register has flaws that allows keys to be taken without being logged out. This issue is addressed with the automated and web based real estate key register system offered by

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