Real Estate Key Systems

There isn’t currently too much choice available to agents and property managers when it comes to real estate key systems. The products that are available, are very clunky and often time consuming for users. These key systems haven’t been designed with usability in mind and often result in a process that is far from efficient.

At we recognised the process and workflow for existing real estate key systems was inefficient and designed a system that is more effective. There is no need for users to use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode for each set of keys. The system simply requires them to locate the keys in the key system and then press a button to log them out.

With the real estate key systems, agents and property managers also are not required to purchase a secure key cabinet. The reason is that without a user logging into the key system they will not know what set of keys belong to what property. So all the keys in the key cabinet are useless as users won’t know which key belongs to what property.

Real estate key systems helping agents and property managers

Finally, there is a key system that works and streamlines the process of managing keys within the office. No longer are you required to have a key book at the front counter of your desk as keeps all records in the cloud via its web based system.

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